Cloud Based Accounting: Bookkeeping & Support  

~You have numerous obligations to focus on in the business. ~~We are your business's accounting advocate.~~ Let us work on a customized plan to give you the reprieve you need. We love numbers and enjoy setting up workflows to ensure your sales, bank, credit cards, loans, all entries, are carefully categorized. *App integrations we love and solve! We are Clio, T-Sheets, Knowify, Hubdoc Certified and so on and so forth; we enjoy working with apps


  • Perform Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly accounting bookkeeping services

  • Laision between you and your CPA

  • Unlimited email support

  • Do you have a high volume of transaction activity, or requires frequent financial information or job costing reports, Let's talk to customize this.

  • Phone support** (listed below per package)

  • 3rd party Payroll*** (listed below per package)

How it works:
Choose the option that best suits your needs and services required. Flat Fee pricing is based on the core needs, support services, and your number of employees for payroll processing. If you are uncertain as to which package is best suited for your business needs, or desire a more tailored package, please contact me so we can get the conversation rolling!  We can always reassess packages if more support is needed or your business continues to grow. 



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**Pricing starting at $1750

***Payroll up to 8 employees

High Volume Needs


**Pricing starting at $985

***Payroll up to 4 employees



**Pricing starting at $500

***Payroll up to 2 employees



**Pricing starting at $215

***Limited/"after the fact".


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Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner


We help with:

  • Private Education or Training.
  • Set up, clean up, or maintain books.
  • Say “hello” to Tsheets! Say “goodbye” to paper or excel timesheets!
  • Job Tracking & Costing with Knowify.
  • Workers comp, general liability class categories, and audit needs. We understand how complicated compliance reporting may be for contractors. I have an easy system to help you track and maintain it. 

Administration support: Includes, but is not limited to

  • Accounting Support: payables, receivables, collections, payroll, employee expenses: managing employee reimbursements, mileage expenses, etc.
  • Human Resources Support: the new hire process, onboarding, timesheets, benefits, IRAs, mediation, disability claims, attendance records, pay adjustments, exit interviews, employee healthcare implementation, employee handbook creation, etc. 


Mintage Labs was founded on the realization that business owners need real-time data but are often uncertain as to which applications or technology would best fit their needs.  

With more than 15 years of business management experience in several industries,  I have learned that utilizing technology improves efficiency. As a QBO Certified Advisor and a self-proclaimed Knowify master, I am excited to consult and offer services to small business owners who need the insight and knowledge possessed in large firms. 

Skilled in multi-tasking and thrives under pressure, with a proven ability to quickly learn new systems, I am always eager to tackle new challenges for you! 



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